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Selecting a band
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  Selecting a band.

You may wish to book several bands/artists depending on the duration and type of your event. In our experience it might be prudent to consider the following;

How many guests will you have?
Many dance bands will usually carry a P.A system to cater for 100 -150 people so if it's a really big do, there may be extra costs for P.A hire. It's always worth asking about P.A hire costs.
How much space will the band need?
If you are booking a dance band you'll have to consider not only the space that the band will occupy, but the amount of space directly in front of the band. It's best to allow for a minimum of 5 or 6 feet of space in front otherwise it will feel cramped.
Venue regulations.
A small number of wedding venues will have some regulations & requirements for live music such as volume limits, public liability insurance or P.A.T. (portable appliance test) so before you start looking for a band it's worth talking over your ideas with them. Ideally find a venue with live music in mind.
What if the band I choose isn't available?
The bands featured on our site are just a selection of the many available to you. We aim to provide alternative options should the band you choose not be available for your event. We always suggest booking early to avoid disappointment - and for some of our bands that may be up to 12 months in advance.
Will they sound as good as the audio sampler?
The audio samples that we provide are kept as up to date as possible and have been recorded live, in a recording studio environment. The sound you hear on the cassette is the band performing live. However good you think the cassette is, you can be sure the live experience will be unsurpassed.
Can we see the band perform live before we decide?
In many cases, yes, however a lot of bands only perform at private functions and will supply endorsements or organise a line of communication with previous clients.
Do you only have jazz bands?
Although we mostly feature a choice of bands that specialise in different styles of jazz, some of our bands are happy to include some pop/soul covers in their repertoire.
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