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Audio Samples

The Jazz Moods Organ Trio is led by Nigel Price, who is one of the country’s leading jazz guitarists. The trio can be a funky, mellow, jazzy & swinging outfit that makes a superb line-up for any event. Just listen to the sound bites to hear how they can chop and change from a mellow background vibe on ‘Look For The Silver Lining’ to a more upbeat sound on ‘Blues Riff’. The line up consists of guitar, Hammond organ and drums adding a saxophone to make up a quartet.

Very highly recommended.

Style; Swing, sixties jazz.
Band size; trio
Price; from 650. Prices depend on location and timings.
Location; London, South East, Midlands.

Jazz Moods Organ Trio is an ideal band for weddings, corporate and commercial bookings, providing superb entertainment at any event.

For further information telephone : 01442 863 429

Make the occasion with Jazz Moods and Jazz Moods Organ Trio.

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